About Us

Robert (Bob) Vangenne

BCom Entrepreneurial Management
Juris Doctor
with specializations in:
Corporate Commercial Law and IT, IP, & E-commerce Law

As a serial entrepreneur, when I started practicing law I knew it was only a matter of time before I opened my own law firm.  I have taken a circuitous route to get to Victoria; growing up in the Peace country, studying at the University of Alberta, working in Taiwan for over 6 years, where I developed my Mandarin language skills, then setting up businesses in Calgary, Edmonton and finally Victoria. I bring my 20 years’ experience as a business owner in Taiwan and Canada to the firm and strong belief in the capability of local businesses to compete in this global market.

While studying law in Australia, I developed an intense interest in the rapidly evolving legal issues the Internet and our online interactions create for businesses and individuals. I have researched extensively in various areas of the field and have had papers published in legal journals discussing copyright in virtual worlds and ICANN’s ever expanding gTLD plans. Even more interesting to me is the real world application of theory to Internet relationships as well as the growth of gaming and game dynamics in an ever expanding range of aspects in our day to day life.

In business, I have experience working all along the production chain from manufacturing, wholesale, and retail both in Canada and in Asia. I have lead negotiations in Taiwan and China culminating in distribution agreements for foreign products in both jurisdictions As a former franchisee, I have a special interest in the legal aspects of the franchising relationship and franchises as a business growth strategy.

I am married with two children, who define much of my after work activities and thus far appreciate my unpaid position as a conduit from one activity to the next. I love living on Vancouver Island and thanks to a great Scouts troop have many opportunities to go out and enjoy the island. Working in Victoria is a fabulous and convenient; lunch downtown, afternoons swimming at the lake or hiking with the kids, and an evening show or gallery viewing … or maybe just sitting back and watching the bald eagles soar.  Plus as a long time aromatherapist, my office smells great.