Real Estate Law

img6Whether for first time home buyers or for expanding businesses, real estate is generally the largest single purchase or financial commitment any person or business will undertake.  What’s more, a report by the US census found 25% of buyers will retain the property for more than 20 years.  With so much riding on the transaction flowing smoothly you want to have the right advice for your needs.

We assist home buyers with general conveyances of single family homes, strata lots, strata units, new home purchases, refinancing and construction financing for those building their dream home.
For our commercial or society clients we can assist with the acquisition, development, leasing and purchase/sale of properties, or landlord-tenant disputes, as well as arbitrations and mediations.  Given the financial impact on business operations we can advise our clients with options as to how to ensure that taking on new property commitments does not effect the continued financial health of the business.
Every client and every property are unique, let us assist you in finding the practical solution to your property transactions.