Facebook Users Beware

Posted by on Thursday, March 26th, 2015
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I was recently asked to comment on a news story regarding an old scam run in a new way.  Despite the image many people have of computers and smart phones often having a detrimental effect on socializing, generally this is quite the opposite of what occurs in practice.  Social networking in many forms does allow for the individuals, who would otherwise be unable to interact socially with a large community, to do so easily and in positive and helpful ways.

Unfortunately, and as the news story highlights, the more you interact with society at large the greater the chance that you will run across those elements of society we try to avoid.  We work with businesses and corporations of all sizes to ensure they have adequate social media policies, Internet usage policies and of course network security to protect (among other things) their employees and the business from risks associated with these unsavory elements of society.  Individuals do no have the support of a business owner seeking to protect business assets.  If you have not reviewed your settings recently this is a reminder to do so and more importantly, a reminder to make sure that we all take the time to assist those who may not be as familiar with adjusting settings to make sure they are are not leaving their information wide open for all and sundry to view and interact with.